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Loviisa goes virtual

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Finnish utility Fortum has developed a fully dynamic and interactive virtual reality control room for training operators at Loviisa, Caroline Peachey reportsHuge amounts of money are typically spent each year on the design...

In Finnish: Uusi teknologia auttaa varautumaan katastrofiin Loviisan ydinvoimalassa

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Miten kouluttautua tilanteisiin, joita ei  harjoitusmielessäkään voi luoda – kuten vaikka ydinvoimalan tulipalo?  Valtaosa Loviisan ydinvoimalan työntekijöistä on jo käynyt  koulutuksessa, joka on toteutettu virtuaalitodellisuudessa.Loviisan ydinvoimalan päävalvomoon alkaa tupruta savua. Jossakin on tulipalo....

VR-1 can help minimize human errors in the most safety critical environment

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With the help of virtual reality, design validations as well as operator training at nuclear power plants can now be done more effectively. As the first nuclear power plant in the world, the...

Smart Energy Smart City

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Human eye resolution VR training and street view type of indoor navigation introduced to Gulf areaThank you Business Finland Dubai Expo 2020 for arranging a very interesting press event on the 19th of...

PMI Breakfast

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Industrial grade Virtual Reality solutions powering future projectsNew ways of working with VR, 360 degree video and reality capture in construction projects. Thank you PMI Finland chapter for arranging a great breakfast event...

Varjo Announces Reseller Network to Expand Access to World’s First Human-Eye Resolution Virtual Reality Device, VR-1

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Program launches with 14 resellers, bringing in-person demos and local support to more than 34 countries across Europe, North America and JapanVarjo™, the technology leader in industrial-grade VR/XR headsets, today announced the...

360 User Day Seminar

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Use of interactive 360 video at construction sites and common workplaces - User Day Seminar In Lahti, FinlandWe had a pleasure of meeting very important 360 video and picture users and potential new...

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Years of systematic VR-simulator development recognized around the world: here you can find further articles where eSite has been featured....