Deep understanding of Industrial Operations and Virtual Reality

When you need to take another look at your work or travelling to your site is not an option, we bring your site to you. Instant and easy access to the systems, structures, and components at your site as well as expert consultation on industrial work procedures deliver better projects, time savings, improved safety, and cost-effectiveness – operational excellence in short.

Our services

Another look at your site

We deliver solutions that make it possible for you and your team to take another look at your site – just like in reality. Increase your competitiveness to a new level with Interactive 360, VR Simulators, and Reality Capture.

Our industrial solutions

Loviisa goes virtual – significant savings and new opportunities for training with Industrial VR

Finnish utility Fortum has developed a fully dynamic and interactive virtual reality control room for training operators at Loviisa. Already 90 % of the staff at the two-unit station have done basic training in VR, and it is now used for plant familiarisation, fire evacuation drills, and to practice maintenance processes.

“After the pre-ISV in VR, we were confident that we had all the biggest errors fixed. And we did.”

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Operations & Maintenance

Imagine having a virtual duplicate of your site where you can mark maintenance tasks accurately, visualize production data, or even measure if it is safe to perform your tasks without ladders or scaffolding. Open a whole new perspective to organizing your operations and maintenance in-house or with your existing partners. The future of fast and safe cooperation is already in your hands.


Projects & Engineering

During plant modifications, input data for planning is a key success factor. Instead of travelling and examining your site on the spot, we offer new solutions to bring the site to your project experts. Planning, designing, engineering, and innovating anything and everything from a distance allows you to take a fresh look of your project work.

Safety Edited

Safety & Training

We create balance between cost-effectiveness and safety at your site. For us, that means preparing for the unexpected by experiencing and learning the right behavior to work safely. We do it in safe and risk free virtual environments – with the best, proven tools for each job in question.

marketing and cmmunication

Marketing & Communication

Safety first is your strong message. We offer possibilities to impress your most important stakeholders by demonstrating your site easy and safe without taking people to hazardous conditions on site. No need to settle for one, two, or even three-dimensional presentation – make an interactive photo-realistic virtual plant tour accessible in every situation, at the plant, or at the headquarters of your company.

Our Clients

We provide our Clients with a competitive edge within their industrial sector by delivering tomorrow’s virtual reality solutions that work already today. We would love to see your company as a part of this crowd!

Stay tuned or ask for further information about our success stories and proven use cases.

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Fortum eSite ja turvallisuus

Historiaa Fortumin ydinvoimapalveluliiketoiminnassa aloitettiin viime vuosikymmenen puolivälissä järjestelmällisesti kokeilemaan uusia menetelmiä ja työkaluja turvallisuustyön ja muiden työtapojen kehittämiseksi. Kymmenien kokeilujen joukkoon on mahtunut upeita onnistumisia. Matkan varrella on ratkaisujen helmiä kyselty runsaasti muualle teollisuuteen. Syntyi idea erillisen yksikön perustamisesta. Vuoden 2019 alkupuolelta lähtien eSite-yksikkö on toiminut Fortum Power and Heat Oy:n lipun alla. eSite:n kompassi […]

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The ball is rolling in Finland: Capture your site. Control your world.

eSite will take the third step on it’s roadmap to digitize industrial plants, construction sites and big facilities around the world The new service concept will be launched on August 25th in Finland: • Faster and more accurate digitization of industrial plants than ever before • Immediate distribution to operators, maintenance contractors, engineering experts, project […]

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