Deep understanding of Industrial Operations and using digitization

When you need to take another look at your site or travelling is not an option, eSite brings your site to you.

Get instant and easy access to the systems, structures, and components at your site. Improve your work procedures by delivering projects efficiently, saving time, increasing safety, and cost-effectiveness.

eSite improves your operational excellence by giving you a deep understanding of your industrial operations.

Our services

Another look at your site

eSite captures your actual site and enables you gain instant remote access to your facilities. With the eSite solutions you can visit your site anytime and anywhere via simple browser interface.

Increase your competitiveness to a new level with eSiteview – A reality capture of your site.

Our solutions

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Power plant turbine

eSiteview – 10 X faster digitization of industrial sites

We worked hard to solve one of the most urgent problem in the industry: How to increase your operational excellence with remote working?

Together with partners, eSite rolls out a new service concept to digitize industrial plants and construction sites faster and easier than ever before.

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Customer case

eSite taking equipment suppliers to
the next level in productivity

Secure and customised services in the case of projects, eSite solution helps engineering work and communication between personnel that are not able to visit the site so they can get familiar with the project areas. This is how eSiteview
brings Valmet benefits in many different areas.

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eSiteview helps you improve:

Operations & Maintenance

eSiteview is a virtual duplicate of your site where you can mark maintenance tasks accurately, visualize production data, or even measure if it is safe to perform your tasks without ladders or scaffolding. Open a whole new perspective to organizing your operations and maintenance.


Projects & Engineering

During plant modifications, input data for planning is a key success factor. Instead of travelling and examining your site on the spot, we offer new solutions to bring the site to your project experts. Planning, designing, engineering, and innovating from a distance allows you to take a fresh look at your project.

Safety Edited

Safety & Training

We create a balance between safety and cost-effectiveness at your site. For us, that means preparing for the unexpected by experiencing and learning the right behavior.  We do it in safe and risk-free virtual environments.

marketing and cmmunication

Marketing & Communication

Safety first is our strong message. We offer possibilities to demonstrate your site in an easy and safe environment without taking people to hazardous conditions on site. Make an interactive photo-realistic virtual plant tour accessible in every situation, at the plant, or at the headquarters of your company.

We give our customers a competitive edge within their industrial sector by delivering tomorrow’s virtual reality solutions that work already today.

We would love to see your company as a part of this crowd!

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Top 5 Benefits of Implementing Reality Capture in Construction Projects

The construction industry is rapidly evolving, with new technologies continuously reshaping how projects are managed and executed. Among these innovations, reality capture solutions like eSiteview are proving to be game-changers. By creating detailed digital representations of physical spaces, reality capture technology offers a myriad of benefits that can transform construction projects. Here are the top […]

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Dovre Group


Get ready, Set, Go! A good start for eSite at Dovre Group

We are happy to announce that since September 2021 eSite will operate under Dovre Group, a publicly listed, international service company. Dovre delivers high value project management, management consulting and project personnel services. This is great news for our Clients and Partners as we can operate even more internationally and we can provide a wider […]

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