Capture your world with eSiteview

eSiteview  is a reality capture of your actual site.  eSiteview enables you to visit your site remotely, prepare for projects and outages and communicate easily with your organization. Gain instant remote access to your facilities, structures, and equipment through a simple web interface.

Visit your site anytime anywhere

With the eSiteview you can visit your site anytime from anywhere via a simple browser interface. Visualize your most valuable assets through high resolution 360 panoramas and walk through your site as if you were there. Take accurate measurements with eSiteview point cloud measurement tools and take your project, outages and maintenance planning to the next level.

Site worker using mobile device at a site

Person accessing digitalised data on a tablet


Visualize your data in a real context

Visualize your most important data in real life locations with eSiteview Point of Interest (POI) functionality. Access detailed information such as: documents, images, videos or other type of data that can be uploaded and shared through eSiteview. Visualize your IoT information in an actual sensor location and get precise insights of how your site is operating. With eSiteview communication runs smoothly through your organization because everybody has an accurate understanding of the site.

Operational Excellence – Optimize your projects, maintenance and operations

With eSiteview get all necessary data with only ONE visit.  All your operations can benefit from easily accessible information in eSiteview. When your site changes, eSiteview can easily be updated so all your data is up-to-date. You can give simple instructions through eSiteview, so workers, contractors and other maintenance personnel can work more efficiently. Ultimately, with eSiteview stakeholders and plant owners can improve the value they deliver to their customers.

A plant personnel working

A plant personnel working


Improve your safety

In Finland, 2 – 2.5 billion a year is lost due to accidents at work.  eSiteview guarantees you zero accidents because you don’t need to visit the site. Prior to the outage period all of the planning phase is done remotely.

At the moment, is not possible to travel to the plant facilities as freely as before. eSiteview allows you to do safety walks virtually. In a virtual safety walk you can even include people that are not part of the personnel but that are a crucial part of your organization. Also, the preparation, prior the actual safety walk, can be done remotely, so everybody can get familiar with the environment conditions before the actual safety walk happens.

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