“In safety-critical environments and process industries, human errors can lead to serious accidents and production losses”

If you are a nuclear power plant owner, work in nuclear decommissioning projects or work in some other safety critical industry, contact Heikki Parviainen (heikki.parviainen@dovregroup.com) for more industry references.

Radiation eSiteview
eSiteview used during decommissioning (Courtesy of VTT)

Using reality capture enables remote visits to hazardous areas (e.g. at Nuclear or Oil & Gas plants). It reduces the need for site visits, shorten outages, makes training more effective and ultimately improves safety (read more in the featured SPAR3D article). During decommissioning projects, all the planning can be done virtually. Fortum has used reality capture to enable virtual visits, this way reducing financial risks while improving safety to plant owners and to those working at the plant. Also, outages can be planned without prior visits

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