We had a pleasure of meeting very important 360 video and picture users and potential new users in Lahti at The Lahti Sports and Fair Centre on a nice, warm and sunny summer day. This was the 3rd user seminar after starting the seminars in 2018. They all have had different theme and the presentation point-of-views have been selected accordingly.

Theme of this seminar in Lahti was “Digitalization of Industry – Common Workplace”. A common workplace is a legal term in Finnish law and shortly described it means that there can be only one party who is responsible for safety on every working place, usually in a construction site or similar. This makes possible to create safety rules and practices which others shall have to respect.

Top quality people from several areas of industries and research participated to the seminar and it created a lot of inspiring discussions related to 360° video possibilities in enhancing safe working methods, training, everyday operation, projects, maintenance and in all areas where safety is issue number one. We had privilege to experience widely informative lessons from construction industry and professional work safety people.

Super-visual 360° capturing is one of the solutions in our VR solutions portfolio. You will be able to see a lot of details in videos and pictures. This is why we discussed about the meaning of communication before making captures. It will be in top importance to tell people in advance about the 360° capturing and reasons why we do those. Creating the atmosphere is much easier then. Everyone at work should be able to utilize these solutions in their daily collaboration with workmates, superior, management and others in workplaces. With these solutions the future will be better: less errors, less traveling, less drawings in the air.

Looking forward to arranging the next seminar soon! Stay tuned for the next seminar place and date information.

Safely to work and safely home from work. Every day.

Jere Luukkanen