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VR Simulators

Make your site virtually alive

Take your training experience to the next level with our VR Simulators.

Virtual Reality technologies enable simulating real-world task environments with unparalleled realism and accuracy. Experiencing a situation as in reality and practising your actions and procedures immersed in the situation is one of the most effective ways of training.

Reduce the price of simulators by up to 90%

Immersive training has proven superior in cost effectiveness while delivering excellent training results.

Integrate with your existing simulators

Training not possible in traditional simulators can easily be realized with VR training.

Want to learn more about VR Simulators?

Dive into the subject in the technical papers below.

New ways of learning at NPP – Value drivers and lessons learned from VR simulators (Virtual Reality), interactive 360 degree video and other new ways of competence building

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Data Collection in Virtual Reality Control Room Validation

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Use of immersive 3D virtual reality environments in control room validations

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