The future ways of working are something we all want to reach to make our work as outstanding as possible. However, the technologies from that very future already exist – it is up to us to integrate them into real solutions and to understand what their real worth is.

In 2015, tens of new ideas and technologies were created to excite us in completely new ways. After years of research and experimenting, for example VR Simulators, Interactive 360, and Reality Capture methods created an unseen hype.

Some might say that the VR technologies and the possibilities they provide then reached their peak. But in fact, the hard work had only just begun.

“Now we are converting that hype into operational excellence and safety in industrial sites. We are building smart and helpful services that bring our customers real peace of mind”, says Miko Olkkonen, the head of eSite.

From small proof-of-concepts to solutions-in-action

As eSite started to develop the VR technology hype to working solutions, the goal was to also create services that are easy to understand and use by all stakeholder around a factory.

Now many of the solutions are already in action every day in industrial sites and workspaces.

“We made this possible through small proof-of-concepts. We went to the end-users at the power plants, maintenance, and outage planning and did a lot of projects together to find theright ways to utilize the VR technologies”, Olkkonen says.

For example, 90% of plant staff in Loviisa nuclear plant have performed a VR training. That means over 500 people is trained specifically to understand how the plant works today, whatis safe and what is dangerous, how the plant is changing, and how the staff should react for different situations.

“The Loviisa nuclear plant is a great example how we create new ways of working together”, Olkkonen says. “We are excited to see what the future holds and how the different hypes of today are transformed into real benefits, safety, and overall operational excellence.”

For further information, please contact
Miko Olkkonen
Head of eSite