Together with our partners and clients, we have re-engineered the eSite reality capture solutions to a whole new level.

We have collected feedback about the day-to-day challenges people face at operating plants and construction sites. In addition, we have also practiced how our services should work and how we can engage new partners to deliver operational excellence and safety to site owners.

We have been able to create a solution that is both easy to take into use and that can be extended into full-scale enterprise use. Today – together with partners – we launch a whole new business model for reality capture.

Together we stand out by involving local resources, removing all up-front investments, and keeping the model up-to-date even when your site changes.

Plant and construction site owners – get your site digitized 10 x more effectively

Our re-engineered reality capture service for industrial plants and construction sites is the fastest and most cost-effective way to let people work at the plant without the need to travel. Let us demonstrate how it looks  and explain how our solution works.

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Industrial service providers – increase your value, partner with us!

Want to make your services more valuable in today’s challenging business environment? Find out how to partner with us and use eSite solutions to digitize your client’s site and build your own added-value-services on top. We will provide you all the needed tools, training, and critical support to get started without any upfront investments.

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Capture & Control

Together with partners, we have created a new service concept to digitize industrial plants and construction sites x 10 faster, easier, and more securely. Capture your site fast – control your world effectively and safely.


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Digitize your site in a day

Only the sky is the limit when it comes to how to improve operational excellence once we have digitized your plant or construction site.

Let controlled stakeholders visit your site remotely from their own computer or mobile phone, take accurate measures, and learn how to perform their work safe and efficient.

You can even link plant data, documents, and other plant systems to the relevant location or equipment to improve the operational awareness of your operators, contractors and maintenance staff.

Immediate payback

Easy-to-use and effortless processes create cost-effective actions.

As the reality capture of your site is fast to execute for the first time and even to update regularly, you start generating immediate payback as people work more efficiently and safer around your site.

10 x better is our objective – 10 x faster, easier, cheaper, and more engaging of your stakeholders.

Engaging all parties

satefy and training

Our re-engineered eSite solution engages your local stakeholders and partners to work together around your site.

Together, different stakeholders can digitize a plant or construction site in days and utilize this remote access to the site to perform their existing services faster, more accurately, and more cost-effectively.

At the same time, it gives these stakeholders the chance to deliver new innovative services to support better different operations and safety at industrial plants and construction sites.

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Read more insights about why and how we have re-engineered our solutions and learn more about some of the added value services our partners like Ramirent and Valmet deliver.

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Together with our partners, we have re-engineered the eSite solution to a next level

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