Industrial grade Virtual Reality solutions powering future projects

New ways of working with VR, 360 degree video and reality capture in construction projects.

Thank you PMI Finland chapter for arranging a great breakfast event at Nordea on the 16th August 2019. We had good fun!

We had a great discussion on the opportunities latest virtual reality solutions present for project management professionals in industrial construction projects. The picture we painted of a normal project day in 2019:

• Majority of the project team works remotely from all sorts of locations (home, construction site, partner offices, gas station, etc.)
• People conduct many small, focused project meetings per day (most as web meetings)
• Engineering speed, cost and accuracy has dramatically improved through automation, simulation and virtual visits to the construction site
• Most of the project team are social media “natives” and prefer short bursts of chat instead of long e-mails
• The project team conduct virtual site visits trough 360 video as normal part of project meetings; less confusion
• The project team uses a google street view type of browser interface from inside of the plant where they collaborate, design and solve problems together
• The project team can travel in time and visit the construction site on a certain day with 360 videos to see and check the progress and working conditions at site at that time