Outokumpu, a global leader in stainless steel manufacturing and a forerunner in mine digitalisation selected eSite for their control room design where selected functions related to the mine production were moved from underground to ground level at Outokumpu Kemi mine. In this task, the control room needed to be fitted inside a predefined space, incorporating different job functions. Fortum eSite used newest reality capture and virtual reality solutions in its iterative, remotely conducted control room design process, which led to better control room design and a fast design process even when all stakeholders were forced to work remotely from their homes.

“This was clearly a good investment. Throughout our whole control room design process, your team have proven true professionalism! Your intensive familiarization with the topic has been noticed by everyone involved.”

Petri Ruokamo, Mine control center supervisor, Outokumpu Chrome Oy Kemi mine
Virtual control room